Getting to your Destinations Easily

Getting to your Destinations Easily

There is a long and interesting history behind mountain biking and what it can do for you. It is a good idea to learn about mountain biking and what you should know. You want to learn as much as you can so that you are the best biker ever. Know the history and where this great adventure came from. It can really make the difference when you are mountain biking.

Mountain biking is something that started in the 1970's when it all became very well known. The culture that was started in San Francisco and was considered as one of the best points in biking. There where a few that made mountain biking very popular and they were known as the pioneers of this great sport.

The history of mountain biking is found in Northern California because there are a few locations that were the first ever mountain biking communities. The books will take you to Marin County. Mountain biking is going to be different from road racing in some ways. They are going to be dramatic because they were the first to be introduced in the mountain biking facts.

These bikes are going to have a smaller and dependable frame it is going to be wider and even higher in the tires and they will be placed on a rim that is going to be a much stronger form of bicycle rim. This is because the mountain bikes are used for rougher paths and they are going to be able to go to different places that regular bikes cannot travel.

Mountain bike history is very interesting and full of great information that is going to help you learn what you are looking for. It is has been around for a long time and it has changed over time. It is now one of the most popular and practiced types of sports that are going on today. It is fun for people of all ages to try.
Ultimate Guide to Whales and Dolphins in the UK

Ultimate Guide to Whales and Dolphins in the UK

Ultimate Guide to Whales and Dolphins in the UK

I have seen dolphins off the coasts of the UK many times, but they were never ‘planned’ sightings. By this I mean that I just happened to be looking out over the sea wherever I was and there they were - particularly at Brighton around the piers on the south coast of England.

In addition, while I was in the area, had paid a visit to see Fungi, the dolphin who lives in Dingle bay, just off the south-west tip of The Republic of Ireland. And it’s always amazing, even if you just about see a fin.

But I wanted to do it properly this time, I wanted to search for wild dolphins and whales in UK waters, rather than just catch a glimpse. I began researching the most likely places to see resident dolphin populations and the best time of year to see whales breaching, etc, and then go on a vacation specifically for this.

How To Do It

Now, you can either do this off the coast or you can hire boats, either yourself or as part of a guided tour - the latter being closer to them and more likely of a sighting, so I wanted to look at a combination of both. I’m not too keen on the sea myself - and it’s so cold in the UK - so if I can see them from dry land, I would prefer it. Below are the some places I found for both types of sightings and what species you might see, starting with the southern-most locations (as they are that bit warmer):

Around Lands End - Cornwall: Bottle-nose dolphins are very common here, but it’s also possible to see sperm whales off to the west, but they tend to stay away from the rocky shore.

Around Cardigan Bay - Wales: Common porpoises and minke whale are frequently seen in these waters, along with the long-finned pilot whale out at sea.

West coast of Scotland: It is possible to sea orca here (killer whales) between the mainland and the Hebrides, along with minke whales and common porpoises. Slightly more to the south you may catch a glimpse of sperm whales and pilot whales.

East coast of Scotland: Moray Firth is well known for it’s dolphin populations including bottle-nose, white-beaked and common porpoises. Slightly south of here at sea, you may find minke and ling-finned pilot whales.

Northern Scotland and the Shetland Isles: Orca and Risso’s dolphin are common here, as well as some others found elsewhere in Scotland, and around the Orkney’s a sighting from land of orcas is becoming more frequent.

Further Tips

It would be worthwhile watching or studying pictures of breaching whales and dolphins before you go you you are aware of what you are likely to see, as without a guide you are on your own. Make yourself familiar with their activities, like dolphins ‘bow riding’ at the front of a passing boat, to maximise your chances of seeing them. Which species will be alone and which will be in groups? What shape are their dorsal fins? Are there any other aquatic species I could mistake them for?

It goes without saying to take some binoculars and a water-proof jacket!
Travel To And From The Airport

Travel To And From The Airport

Travel To And From The Airport

Now that you’ve booked your vacation, you can relax and start counting down the days, but there is still something to consider: How are you getting to the airport? Of course depending on your departure and return times you may find your options limited, so make sure you plan in advance for the safest, quickest and best option available for you.

As you would expect, there are a variety of options available, so here are the main ones summed up to give you an idea of whats on offer:

A friend - The old classic of ‘can you get a friend or neighbour to drop you off and pick you up for free’ or in exchange for you doing the same for them. Sounds ok on paper, but make sure that your flight times are not so ridiculous that you are asking too much, for example if you land at 6am (out by 7am) how early are you expecting them to get up? If you leave or get back in rush hour, will they be late? What if your return flight is delayed - can they still collect you? All very friendship stretching possibilities……

A taxi - Most companies offer a set rate for a single or return journey to your specific airport. They will arrive on time - as they do this for a living - and they will have checked any delays or problems with the return flights before leaving to collect you. They will usually park in the airport and greet you at the arrivals gate with a card displaying your name. All very simple.

A limo - These will do everything a taxi does, but more professionally, with a better vehicle (usually airconditioned) and for a higher price tag, of course.

A train - These will take you right into the terminal and run very frequently throught the day, including early morning and late night (when most long haul flights are active). You will have to get to the nearest station to your home though, and may well have to change trains depending on your location. They have plenty of room on board for your luggage and offer a faster service as they are not affected by road traffic. You may not be able to get a return ticket though, as you will not be back for some time, so check their policies on returns over 14 days.

A coach - Many national coach companies offer airport runs from several locations on each route. As with trains, you will need to first travel to their pickup point, but these tend to run less frequently in the early hours. You may also need to travel to a larger town or city to get these at your required time. Coaches are inevitably affected by road traffic so you could experience delays either way. Coaches usually do offer a return of as long as you want because they specifically do the airport runs, so know this is what people expect.

Your own car - Better than a friend in terms of trustworthyness as it is you who does the driving! However parking at the airport for a week or two can be very expensive. There are however a variety of parking facilities outside of the airport which can be cheaper yet just as accessable, known as long term airport carparks.

These are normally just outside of the airport itself, or as far away as a 20 minutes drive, but this is nothing to worry about. All these car parks offer a free coach transfer direct to your terminal, and can be more than half the price of parking on-site. You do not have to book these in advance, but they will be a lot cheaper if you do. Basically these firms take the keys to your car and give you a token in return. They park your car in a secure environment for the whole time you are gone, then have it ready for you to collect when you return.

There are several options with these facilities most expensive first:

Airport Drop Off: You drive your car to the airport and leave it with a driver who takes your car away. The driver is waiting with your name board when you return and you take your car straight from there.

Hotel & Drop Off: You stay in a local (and often luxury) hotel overnight. The following morning you drop your car off at the long term car park then get a courtesy coach to the airport terminal. On your return you catch the free coach back and collect your car.

CarPark Drop Off: You drive your car to the car park yourself on the day of your flight and catch the courtesy coach to the terminal. On return you catch the coach back and collect your car.

Additionally, you could find yourself a hotel to stay in overnight, then leave your car in their car park, getting a transfer to the terminal arranged by them. This option is not usually much cheaper than the Hotel & Drop Off, and your car will not be secure the whole time, it will just be sitting in a space in that hotels car park rather than tucked away safely in a fenced environment with camera security the whole time.

Whichever you choose, always make sure that no one else has access to your packed luggage at any time as this could pose a security risk. Make sure you keep all your important documents with you at all times and that they are easy to access.
GPS Essentials for Hiking

GPS Essentials for Hiking

Due to the nature of the activity, hiking can pose some risks and challenges. Among them, getting lost is probably the most common since hikers throw caution to the wind and think that it won't happen to them. Experienced hikers will tell you that tracking your hike and planning your route are as essential as bringing proper equipment and provisions. The best tool you can use is a Global Positioning System or GPS, which uses satellites to locate your position no matter where you are.

A basic unit has controls and a display to show you your latitude (east-west location) and longitude (north-south location). They also have a number of channels so you can switch frequency when there is interference. While the very basic models will suit your purpose, there are a number of options that are beneficial and sometimes essential depending on the types of hikes you're doing.

Added features include waterproof casing which is a must if you think you'll be hiking through streams or rivers or combining your outdoor activity with rafting. Another is a digital compass which is beneficial as a quick reference. Altitude reading is another good option to have. Figuring out altitude when planning a hike on a map can be a lot of guesswork but when used in conjunction with a GPS unit you can figure out the grade and altitude of your hike.
Ultimate Vacation - Mini Road Trip!

Ultimate Vacation - Mini Road Trip!

Well, it wasn’t quite across the whole of America, but we certainly had some fun on the way!

Me and a friend had just finished college and decided to head off for a week driving to all the places within easy reach that we fancied seeing. We packed our bags, got the road map and set off one evening with the intention of avoiding the worst traffic.

Our vehicle of choice was a clean but very old British car - a Ford Fiesta, already having several thousand miles on the clock before we even set off! With Elvis on the stereo, we trundled across town and up the highway, heading for our first stop - which was as far as we could get before it got too late to find somewhere to stay!

We failed of course, and spent the night in the car! We were in a side street in a busy city, reclined in our front seats eating burger and fries before falling asleep!

We woke up in daylight, in a stinking car and in need of a freshen up ourselves! Pulling into a city car park, we went into a shopping mall - they usually have the best restrooms - and we got cleaned up and changed into fresh clothes, then stopped in a local restaurant for a cooked breakfast!

The town itself was a bit boring, but it meant that we would be driving through the best countryside in the day light today, so we soon headed off again, singing ‘Viva Las Vegas’ with The King! We made sure that we got to our next destination in time to find a place to stay and have a look around too this time!

After a great day in the sunshine, stopping for lunch when it took our fancy, we found a great building in the centre of a small town with its own parking, perfect! After checking in, we were free to look around the town at the sights, even taking a short drive to a local beach. We returned in time for a great meal there, then simply headed upstairs to bed.

We continued on like this for the week - booking places on arrival rather than in advance. It just gives you that extra flexibility to get one town further if somewhere or something is not as exciting as you thought it would be!! Some of the nights we weren’t so lucky with the accommodation in terms of location (or bedroom decor!), but on the whole we did OK with availability and that’s all that mattered to us.

We managed to cram in hiring a boat, some fishing, some shopping, some sight-seeing, some cheese tasting (?) and even some horse-back riding. We certainly didn’t hold back - if we saw something worth stopping for - we stopped!

We had no problems with the car, but a few problems with the driver!! Well, apart from endless Elvis - who was great to start with, but really getting on my nerves now - we had her singing, which again was OK to start with…..

Nothing like Experiencing Alaska

Not only can a trip to Alaska be rewarding and enjoyable but it can also be reasonably priced. Both thrilling and relaxing activities can be done in Alaska as diverse as hiking, skiing and fishing. The outdoors in Alaska offers so much as to keep one busy and entertained for days on end. There are constant discoveries in Alaska's nature to make and adventure travelers booking these type excursions should make the region a stop for any excursion. My family is glad we made the trip from the Murcia Airport last summer.

Image credit
In Alaska, travelers will find the sizable Hubbard glacier and lovely Fairbanks. And for those who like to go coin searching with coin finding machines would definitely get a kick out of the goldmines that are scattered across a portion of the landscape. Between the fauna filled forests to the vast wide plains on to the salmon filled, ice waters, there are enough diversions to satiate any thrill seeker's curiosity. And a cruise liner can give a traveler access to some of the more difficult coasts in the Alaskan Canadian coast.

Scaling a mountain is one of the most life-affirming activities for some people. And Alaska has some of the tallest mountains in the world for those people to tackle. Conquering the McKinley Mountains during the holidays would be the best gift for some while for others it would be experiencing a journey across the Denali National Park. Actually, some adventurers decide spend entire months, if they have to, to conquer the pinnacle of Mount McKinley. Like a hole in one, that is an achievement that rarely occurs more than once during a lifetime.

Alaska adventure travel is not only limited to the mountain ranges and parks as there is backpacking white water rafting and ice-fishing to do near Anchorage. Westward are the Aleutians full of mystical coves, sea otters and puffins. This area is unspoiled but for more organized and landscaped surroundings then a traveler would have to go to Clark National Park where there are tons of acreage to explore.

Maybe the more interesting portions of Alaska for some exist in the North where historical information can be learned. The cultures of the people hark back to a very ancient past. And the past can be experienced somewhat by travelers who boat down the Yukon River to Fairbanks and try to pan for gold as they did in years past. And for the especially thrill-seeking ones, travelers can cross the Arctic Circle and continue on to the extreme north portions of Alaska.

Alaska's south is not to be overlooked, either. It gives travelers chances to kayak near enough to the shoreline to see chestnut colored, unconquerable glaciers and unruly rain forests of Alaska. Due to the sights and unusual activities you can get in no climate or location anywhere else in the world, Alaska receives a lot of tourist traffic a year, making it a hotspot that everyone should see at least once.
What To Expect With A Vacation Package (3)

What To Expect With A Vacation Package (3)

If you have never been on a Vacation Package, it can be very difficult to gauge whether it is going to be for you. The lure of free food and drink for your entire stay sounds great - as does the beachfront location, the available water-sports and the hotel entertainment, but what does it all mean?

So here is a quick guide to what you should expect and what to watch out for…..

The Flight

You will usually travel on a charter flight which means that it will be full to the brim with other people, probably all going to the same or neighbouring resort as you - some of these people will even be staying at your hotel. These flights come with optional hot meals, but will sell snack foods and drinks regularly through the flight as well as duty free goods and sometimes novelty gifts and raffle tickets, etc. You should also have in-flight entertainment including free headphones, with several movies to choose from, music channels and comedy and cartoon offerings. You also get a blanket and pillow with overnight flights and maybe even an eye mask and toothbrush set!


When you arrive at your destination airport, clear customs and leave the airport, all the representatives from the tour companies should be outside, holding up ID cards. Find your rep and they will check you off, and tell you which one of the huge number of waiting coaches to get on. When your coach is full, it heads off to your hotel and possibly a few others on the way. You will normally get a rep or other guide on your coach who gives you an information pack, and describes journey times and any important information for check-in, etc. They will also tell you what time your welcome meeting is the following day.

Check In

In the reception you will be given a welcome drink and a room number and sent on your way with a map. At many all inclusive resorts, and sometimes others, you will be required to wear a brightly coloured non removable wristband for that hotel. This allows the staff to know that everything you eat or drink is free, and to tell you apart from those who have to pay. You head off from here and get your first look around on the way to your room, and at some point after that a concierge will bring your bags and expect a tip!

Your Hotel

Now you are there and settled in you need to find your way either to the main restaurant or the bar depending on your order of importance (!) It’s also an opportunity to read all the relevant information about your safety as well as fire (and hurricane) procedures. Also to find out whether your room is not to close or too far away from the important things to you. If you are not too active do you need a room closer to the reception and restaurants? Do you like your sleep, so want to be further from the thumping disco? Closer to the beach? Now is the time to change rooms, as you haven’t even unpacked!

Your Room

Will be vaguely as stated in your brochure, usually containing local decor and bright colours! Your chambermaid will clean it every morning for you, changing the towels if necessary, and replenishing water and mini bar as appropriate. They will sometimes leave you flowers or make swans out of your new towels, which will be wearing your hat or sunglasses if they are to hand……. Don’t leave the doors open at night though, unless you want to be eaten alive by mosquitoes that are attracted in by your lights!! You may have a resident gecko in your room (which is good, as they eat insects), as well as ants or beetles if you leave food around…… The room are not airtight!

Welcome Meeting

These are not compulsory, but they do offer an insight into the local area, buses, taxi’s, hotel amenities, etc. They also tell you the history of the country you are visiting and will offer you a vast array of trips you can go on while you are there, usually including a boat trip, a fishing trip, a culture tour, a capital city tour, a local village tour and a national food or drink plantation (banana/sugar/cinnamon/etc). These vary from $40 to £300 depending on what you want to do.

Restaurants and Bars 

Order what you want from the bar - it’s free (well, not including the really expensive stuff, or things that have to be imported). You can chat to your bartender and he or she will help you to work your way through the cocktails and spirits on offer during your stay! Fresh fruit juice, tea and coffee are usually available as are ice creams in some locations.

The restaurants vary in hotels, but basically all inclusive offers a buffet style meal 3 times a day. like 7-10am, 1-3pm and 7-10pm. Some resorts have more than one restaurant so find out what meals they offer as it may only be lunch or dinner. There are usually speciality restaurants that you can eat in free but you have to book a table and the number of visits you have may be limited. If the hotel also offers half board or bed and breakfast, you may find other restaurants there that you have to pay for even though you are all inclusive.

Some hotels offer 24 hour all inclusive deals which sound great, but sometimes the only food on offer through the night are ham rolls or cheese toasties! Some hotels do offer great hot 24hr food, but the brochures do not normally specify which ones they are!

Hotel Rep 

This person would have hosted the welcome meeting and will also be available to you during your stay, but they may rep for several hotels so your access to them may be limited or over the phone initially. They are always available for any questions or complaints you have in the hotel, although some hotels off their own customer service representative, or the reception staff may help. If you want to make a formal complaint though, you must go through your rep.


This usually involves young members of staff making a lot of noise around the hotel. They try to get you to dance, play volleyball, come to their evening shows, enter raffles, and play sports. It can get a bit annoying if you want to relax around the pool, but you can normally get away from them at the beach! They also run the kids clubs during the day if available.

The entertainment or animation team also put on loud evening shows for you, sometimes by the main bar and sometimes in a theatre area away from the main hotel, usually basic dancing and panto-like shows from 9-11pm - so make sure your room is far enough away from these if you do not intend to go!! Some hotels even offer a late night disco until 2am……

Sport equipment varies, so always check what exactly is free (sometimes its only your first go, or the first hour, etc) and how to book it. It’s always different in every hotel, so make sure you ask as early as possible once you are there otherwise you could miss out. Check for the safety of things offered as well, as standards vary. Most hotels also offer a small library where guests can borrow, swap or leave their books for others.

Tips- All the staff will know when you are leaving and they will all be that bit nicer to you as a result. But if you have had a great service, or service above what you expected, and you wish to tip for it, then check with your rep what is expected and how best to do it, or for multiple persons - ie - the whole bar was great, who do you give the money to?


Depending on your flight time, you may have to leave the resort before breakfast, or you could have to sit about with your cases for several hours after check out time, waiting for your coach - not too good if you are wearing your jeans and coat!! Some people sunbathe up to the last minute, and others get private taxis to the airport early to get the best seats on the plane and avoid the long queues when all the coaches descend on the airport at the same time!

Think it’s for you now?

Looking for Cheap Hotels in Bali.

Kuta is one of the tourist area in Bali, located in the southwest of the island. Kuta is known as a tourist area since tourism began to flourish in Bali. Kuta was once a fishing village since the tourists seemed tersulap kindahan glanced his Kuta beach is white sand, choppy, and has a beautiful view of the sunset. Since then, little by little Kuta opened up as a tourist area.

As one of the favorite tourist area, Kuta  provide a wide choice of accommodation facilities are spread almost throughout the territory. Hotel - This hotel stands along the coast, the center - shopping, nightlife region such as pubs, bars, discotheques, to the corners of the alley diarea in local settlements. Various means of support for these diarea wisatawanpun built, ranging from entertainment centers, shopping malls, local art market, the vehicle terminal, shops souveir and others.
Cheap Hotels in Bali.

There are virtually hundreds of pieces hotels in Kuta which is divided into several categories ranging from budget hotels / non star to five-star hotel of international class. All accommodation facilities offer varied pricing options ranging from cheap hotels to hotels with rates that are quite expensive. All were influenced by the facilities and services provided by each hotel.

Cheap hotels in Kuta are generally categorized in the form of lodging, inns, inn, up to three-star hotels are mostly located in areas some distance from Kuta beach, but still within walking distance to the beach. This hotel offers all the standard amenities such as hotels in general in Bali, such as air-conditioning, TV and telephone availability, a swimming pool and a restaurant, have a private bathroom, and others. You can find some cheap hotels in bali with opening banner below
Planning To Backpack Around Europe?

Planning To Backpack Around Europe?

Ever fancied something just a tiny bit different from the normal holiday?

How about heading off with just a month long train ticket and no set plans?

Sound like your kind of thing? Then maybe a trip round Europe with just a guidebook and your backpack is what you need to be doing for your next holiday!

You don’t even need to plan anything if you don’t want to. If you have long enough (at least a month), and would rather glide around this continent more like a local than a hurried tourist, you can just head off with a rough plan of countries to visit and soak it all up at your own pace, floating around each country between cities and villages - or nightlife to nightlife! As long as you have enough time to get back to your airport, enjoy yourself.

But, if you want to make the most of it and are more pushed for time, then planning is essential.

How long have you got? - Decide how long you can go away for as this will have a direct impact on what you can see while travelling. Yes, you can get from London to Madrid on the train in less than 12 hours, but you won’t get to see much on the way and it’s a nearly whole day’s sunshine wasted!

If you only have a week, then you will need to either be very restrictive with the area of the continent you travel to (i.e all the countries close together), or you will need to travel at the speed of light to see your favourites.

Basically in a week you will only get to enjoy about 3 cities with a couple of nights in each one. I did get to see 4 countries in less than a week one time, but only really got a ‘feel’ for 2 of them.

In two weeks, you can travel further afield, and may well stay in around 7 cities depending on where you start and finish from. And in a month you could have hit about 17 or more countries!

Where do you want to go? - Don’t worry about routes yet, leave the train timetables well alone - just get your guidebooks and start reading!

List places you would like to see or the festivals you want to attend in the order you come across them; the cities, landmarks, museums and castles, etc. Write them next to the country they are in and mark each with either a ‘definately’ or just a ‘maybe’, then the fun begins….

Now get yourself a basic map of Europe with just the countries showing and 2 colors of pins, stickers or whatever you want to use as markers - one color for ‘definately’ and the other for ‘maybe’. Then get going with them - putting one sticker for each thing on your list onto your map, nice and spread out. Soon you will start to see which countries are coming out on top!

When completed you will be able to write off any countries with only a few maybe’s in them, and start focusing on the countries with the most definitely’s.

Choosing a route - Now you have places to see organised, you can start looking at your route. How many days will it take to see all the places without including the journey times? Are the places too far apart? Have you picked too many things to do?

The only way to find out is to start looking at a rough pathway through your dots, aiming for the definitely’s at first, then look at the one’s out the way and see if they are worth missing. Keep arguing with yourself over what you really want and what can be avoided for a better or smoother journey. The last thing you want to worry about when travelling is keeping a tight schedule where missing a train causes all sorts of timetable changes. You are supposed to be enjoying yourself!

Only when you have less things you ‘definately’ need to see than the number of days you are travelling for, can you stop. You have now got your trip round Europe. By all means keep a few as ’spares’ in-case of bad weather or train delays, or you could just sit with the locals enjoying something impromptu like a game of chess or taking photos of the buildings instead!
Costa Rica Vacation - The Preparation

Costa Rica Vacation - The Preparation

Me and my friend have been planning to go to Costa Rica for  the whole of April for some time, and although we had a rough  idea of the things we wanted to see and do - the departure date is fast approaching and the only thing we have booked is the flight!

First Things First - We know we will have to stay near the airport on arrival as we touch down at around 8pm local time, and it will take around a half hour or more to clear passport control and customs. We are definitely going to arrange for an airport transfer to the hotel, so we have nothing to worry about after a whole day flying. It likely we will stay there a second night, just to get our bearings. We’ll book the same place the night before we depart as well for the same reason.

Next Thing Next - Well we haven’t decided what’s next yet, but we have narrowed it down to four main locations and we need to start thinking of the best route for them and a timescale of things. So far it looks like this:

Monteverde Region - 10 days

Arenal Volcano Area - 4 days

Peninsula de Nicoya - 4 days

Puntarenas Region - 10 days

That’s around 28 days, plus the 3 in San Jose and we are done!

Planning a Route - 
Well we are nowhere near done are we? We haven’t yet considered travelling times between these places as San Jose is in the middle of the country; Puntarenas is at the southernmost point and all the others are in the North! This should be fun!

We know the buses are very cheap and run regularly but we have heard that most bus stops are not marked at all - so things could get interesting. We are really excited about using the buses as we will get to see so much more of the country this way, than if we flew or travelled with other non-local tourists.

Must Sees - We have both decided on our ‘must sees’ which will help to select specific locations to visit. Mine includes sloths, giant anteaters, tapirs, armadillos, coatis, morpho butterflies, macaws, an exploding volcano - possibly a minor earthquake too, huge waterfalls, a canopy walk, toucans, manatees, whales, turtles and of course a jaguar!

Yep, that just about covers the wildlife basics for me. There are 69 National Parks and Protected Areas so I should be sure to find everything I’m looking for…………..

Additional Things - I have also still got to buy a few travel essentials before we go, including a new rucksack. I don’t have one anymore and I am sure that I don’t want to travel around Costa Rica with a large solid plastic mango-coloured suitcase! Yes, It has little wheels on it, and keep everything inside safely protected but it’s not very practical for dragging on and off of buses!

I’ll write again when we have made any more progress…….

Vacation Facts:

Location: Costa Rica - Central America

Accommodation: Not known at the moment! Possibly 4 main locations and the first night around San Jose, but unsure of actual accommodation at present time.

Flight Cost: $920/£460 per person, return airfare with

Continental - from the UK, via New York.
Reader Postcard - 7 Hour Atlanta Visit

Reader Postcard - 7 Hour Atlanta Visit

Here’s a little story of what I did with my 7 hours stopover in Atlanta, Georgia.

Basically, I was flying from South America with a group of 6 people - on route to the UK - and the flight went via Atlanta where we had to wait some time before our connecting flight. Why waste the transit time sitting in the airport we thought - lets go investigate.

As we were transit passengers, we just checked our hold luggage straight back in after collecting it from reclaim, and headed outside. It took us about 30 minutes in total to get off the plane and out into the street as we had had to get on a local tube for a handful of stops.

We had a mini meeting and worked out that we had to be back to check in one hour before the flight, so we had 5 and a half hours to fill here - we headed for the nearest mall grabbing a coffee on the way!

Luckily it was quite early, so the mall was reasonably quiet as we entered and tried to find our way around. The couple from our group said they would spend the time alone, so we were down to 4 - then we saw the sign for the movie theatre…….

There was only the new Texas ChainSaw Massacre film showing in the next few minutes, so that was the one we watched! Bearing in mind this was around 11am it wasn’t our preferred choice - but time was against us and it was an easy way to pass the time.

So, shocked out of our skins 2 hours later, we emerged from the movies a bit paler than we went in! There was almost a hush across the group as we hit the sunlight again, before we remembered where we were: 2hours 15minutes remaining.

The only man amongst us said that he fancied a new pair of trainers while he was here and one of the girls said she wanted to look at some scents (?) so we split up - arranging to meet at the big restaurant we had seen at the entrance to the mall in just under 2 hours.

I had started to get a bit of a cold by now (great!) so I was on the look out for a drugstore. I made the mistake of walking into the entrance lobby of a department store and was imediately doused in scent spray from the over-zealous sales assistants and promptly started sneezing continually until I was well away from there! Great sales technique ladies - scare people away from the entrance to your store!!!

So with shrunken watering eyes I kept looking until I finally located a drug store tucked away in a corner and started reading labels. We had a long flight ahead of us and if I had a cold, I wanted something to send me to sleep - I needed ‘drowsy’ in big letters on the packet!

Failing to find one, I asked the assistant for ‘drowsy’ and she told me in no uncertain terms that ‘NOTHING’ she sold would make me drowsy - ‘why would I want that?’ Obviously she thinks everyone wants to stay wide awake when they are ill???

I brought something non-drowsey anyway - and plenty of tissues, then headed to the restaurant a bit early. I sat myself down at a table for 4 much to the annoyance of the staff and ordered a lovely chicken fillet with curly fries and BBQ sauce to cheer myself up.

The others all arrived one at a time with bags of new products and ordered something themselves and we chatted away about anything really while we ate.

Then, time was up and we had to head back to the airport.

Looking back it would have been great to have researched it more thoroughly, and since I have another long stop-over coming up with my family this time, I found an Internet sight showing trusted tours and attractions for Atlanta and other US cities to help us make more use of the time while we are there.

Spain Vacation Tips and Ideas

You will find that Murcia is known for the mild weather, common in Spain. You will find that the daytime temperatures are about 40 degrees Celsius, but it is also a great place for you to vacation through out the year. The temperatures in winter never fall below 10 degrees Celsius.

As for the warm, mild weather, this part of Spain happens to be beneficial to the culture. The area is well known for the wineries, many fruit groups, flowers, and even olive oil production. You will notice most of these plantations are around the Segura River because it will allow the crops to be easily irrigated. You will want to go to Spain and to the Murcia region just to get some of the crops freshly produced.

As for the climate, the summer is very dry and hot, while the winter is mild and wet. There happens to be very little rain when it comes to the summer months, however, fall and winter are well known for many storms and heavy downpours. Keep in mind that this area sees the sun at least 300 days per year. There are very few times where rain will effect your travel plans.

As for the summertime, you will notice that this is the best time to travel to Spain. It is the best time to see the sights without having to think about rain clouds. As for rain, it averages about .22 inches in August. This is very little rain compared to what you might get the States.

As for the springtime you will notice that this is the most wonderful time to go because everything is in bloom and the weather is hot and sunny, but not uncomfortable. You will notice that the average monthly rainfall for the spring is about .35 inches, but it can get up to almost an inch in rain. Again, that's not that much. There are places in the world that get 12 inches of rain a month, but Spain is a beautiful place that is dry and sunny for at least 300 days of the year.

As for the autumn and wintertime, the weather in murcia is not as hot, but it's also still very nice. Of course, it will begin to cool, but the temperatures rarely drop below freezing and it very rarely snows. These seasons are still acceptable for vacation. As for those who do not like to be in the hot sun constantly, you will find that the weather is perfect for you in the fall and winter.

Murcia is a great place to go on vacation. You can have the ultimate vacation by sunbathing in the warm, hot sun, or you can take in some of the local culture.
Planning Your Honeymoon Beach in Bali

Planning Your Honeymoon Beach in Bali

Planning Your Honeymoon Beach in Bali

When planning your honeymoon beach, a destination that is romantic and tropical may be tops on your list. many romantic place to finish honeymoon. one of them is Bali. You have to Bali ? as a small archipelago, Bali have coastal tourism object which is interesting to be, added with social and unique society culture. Some places which you could probably visit in Bali are :

Sanur Beach

Many people says, if you go to Bali and have never stopped and visit in sanur beach, meaning you do not know bali. why that way ? Because sanur beach is romantic place to finish honeymoon beach, like a beautiful beach, make sanur have separate fascination to all tourist, either from local and foreign tourist.

Kuta beach

Kuta Beach is a tourism place which located in side Denpasar south, Bali town mother, Indonesia. Kuta located in Sub-Province Badung. This Area represent a target of foreign to perform a honeymoon beach, and have come to Island Bali pledge tourism object since early seventy. Kuta beach often is also conceived of by beach sunset as against from Sanur beach

Nusa dua beach

Nusa Two in Bali represent place most exclusive. Coast wise this, visitor can witness 2 view at the same time very beautiful. One side represent offshore view and line go out to sea very beautiful, one other side of luxury hotel view which stand up in line alongside coast. This to facilitate all coastal visitor to take around the beach.

And more places on Bali can be nice and beautiful destinations to apply Honeymoon Beach. By the way, honeymoon beach is great theme to perform honeymoon vacations. Although many theme have to look and observe.

Mystery Cave Framework Contains Japanese Army in World War

Rusty casks. Thousands of stalactites dying. The roots of the tree that had lost so many years ago, are now more entrenched and stuck all over his cave. Once up to the top, the sun burst eye. Splitting a large gaping hole cave.
Standing in the middle of Cave Binsari, Biak, Papua making memories back to the past. The period when three thousand Japanese soldiers roasting in the cave. Bang the Allies bomb exploded June 21, 1944, leaving a large hole. Leave corpses strewn about.
Moist air there. The smell of the salty ocean because of the distance I still feel very close to the sea. Just five minutes using medium speed car. At that time, the Japanese soldiers from caves to create a shortcut to the beach.

Not surprisingly, Dai Nippon forces under the command of Colonel Kuzume made caves in Biak as a headquarters. Caves becomes the last stand of Japanese troops after nearly the entire island of Biak Allied bombarded.
However, since the Allied forces under the command of General Douglas Mac Arthur succeeded in crippling the cave, all the beauty of the cave is lost. We can no longer even see the stalactites dripping fresh often.
But do not worry, this time it vanished horror history. Around Binsari Cave or often called the Japanese Cave, the trees are tight. Cericit cicadas also continue shouted. That is, if you are visiting just enjoy the scenery, around Cave Binsari is perfect.
If you want to remember the bitterness of the suffering of the Japanese army, around Cave Binsari too much to give evidence. There was no airplane wreckage and cars. Hundreds lined prepared pineapple grenade. Large-caliber shell casings and a little too neatly arranged merchandise like pavement.
There also are building 3x2 meter museum that holds many items unique to Japan. There is a plaque, the Japanese army used clothing, different types of war helmets, pins, coins, up to a variety of ballpoint. Japan also made a map blindly on Biak and surrounding areas are still clearly displayed in the museum.

In the other corner, also saved some of the skulls of Japanese soldiers could filmed freely. "We were not able to save these relics in a special room because of limited funds," said Mathelda (39), Papuans everyday yardwork cave.
Before you actually left the site, it's worth a quick stop to the beach Paray. There was a monument to the Japanese government established in 1994 to commemorate the Allied attack. On the beach it is also you can see the island of OWI, mostly white sand. On the island that the Allies planned all forms of genocide against the Japanese army.

Plan a Vacation in Hawaii

It will be nearly as much fun as taking the actual vacation in Hawaii to review all the things there are to do on the islands. There are more than just the Big Island of Hawaii; there are also Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lahai and Maui. Each offers their own special attractions for your pleasure.

When you visit the island of Kauai you will have the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, better known as Waimea Canyon. Here you will see panoramic views of the more than 3000 feet deep canyon. You will see crested buttes, ragged crags, and deep valley gorges. Your camera will never stop clicking at all the beauty surrounding you.

Visit the North Shore of Kauai and see the beautiful sights from the top of the towering cliffs with their greenery and flowing waterfalls tumbling to the valleys below. Stand on the cliffs and get a view of the Pacific Ocean and the endless waves rolling in to the shore.

Plan a Vacation in Hawaii
Leaving Kauai and going to Oahu you can visit Waikiki Beach and enjoy the wonders of surfing. Here you can take lessons or experience the big waves for those that are experienced surfers. King Kamehaheha lived on the island at one time.

If you are interested in aquariums you will definitely want to visit the Waikiki Aquarium in Oahu. It is located on the shoreline of Waikiki Beach right next to a living reef and across from Kapiolani Park. This aquarium is the 3rd oldest in the United States with more than 500 marine species and 3,000 marine specimens for you to learn about and enjoy.

Honululu offers the visitors a wide range of things to do and see from the historic buildings to the beautiful capitol building. You will see stunning monuments and stunning artwork by local and international artists.

Tour Iolani Palace and see the private living quarters of King Kalakaua and his successor, Queen Liliuokalani. You will see where they held lavish entertainments and did the diplomatic business of the kingdom. Hear bout the Queen being imprisoned in an upstairs bedroom after the overthrow of the monarchy.

Visit the Windward Coast and see the Koolau Mountains and the breathtaking views offered from here. Stop in at Sea Life Park and visit the dolphins and penguins that are housed here.

You have probably read about it in the history books, or you remember it from when it actually happened but here in Central Oahu you can visit the USS Arizona and see the memorials that are a tribute to the brave men and women that were killed in the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese at the start of the US involvement in WWII. If you want to relax after that experience you may want to sample the fresh pineapple that is grown in the lush valley in the area.

When you are taking the time to visit Molokai on your Hawaii vacation you will be in the world where there is nothing taller than a coconut tree. The tallest point on the island is the church steeple.

Lanai isn't your typical hustle and bustle island; it's a small town environment with relaxing opportunities of snorkeling, swimming or whale and dolphin watching. A nice break from the hurrying around you will do on the other islands.

Maui has not only beaches but mountain crests to see too. There is Haleakala where you can stand and almost see the "end of the earth." Take a drive on the crooked road to Hana and visit the Seven Sacred Pools.

Famous for the active Kilauea volcano, this island will afford you the opportunity to experience everything from snow capped mountains to black sand beaches. It has the largest restored ancient Hawaiian religious temple as well as entertainment for everyone to enjoy

Bus rides around Turkey

Honestly, I do not like traveling by bus, especially for long trips. After 1-2 hours on the bus, stomach feels like shuffle-beat, nausea and want to vomit. I also have trouble sleeping the night bus journey. Not to mention should hold stiff in the ass having to sit for long. Anyway very miserable!

However, due to considerations of time efficiency and practicality, while backpacking to Turkey some time ago I was "forced" to use the bus. After doing some research here and there, I learned that traveling by train in Turkey takes a longer time. Already then, many interesting attractions in Turkey like Cappadocia and Selcuk, could not be reached directly by train from Istanbul.

I think, rather than having to mutually vehicles, better take the bus. For me is very inconvenient time for example for the Cappadocia must train first to Ankara, and then continued to ride the bus a few hours. After that, it does not mean a trip is completed. We still have to take a dolmus (minibus or public transportation) to get to the location. OMG, hassle at all!

Take a taxi almost never exist in my travel plans. Feeling awkward only if you ride the vehicle, because I was carrying a backpack. I was also more frequent backpacking alone, so the cost should be borne taxi. I think the cab is also less secure, because we're alone in the car. If the driver is not a good guy, we are not able to do anything right? Unlike the metro or bus ride, the passenger is not just our own. If there's anything we could easily ask for help.

Although not too fond of intercity bus ride, a long trip by bus in Turkey is not as bad as I thought. A lot of things that made me fascinated with bus services in Turkey. The most noticeably is the comfort of the room bus. Amenities are not lost with the aircraft cabin, even more comfortable because the seat is wider than economy class seats on the plane.

I've laughed at a sales clerk in Turkey bus tickets because ticket request sleeper bus. Also ridiculous in retrospect, where there is a bus that has a bed, As if the train? Although there is no bus equipped beds, very roomy distance between seats that can recline up to 90 degrees. And that makes wow ...., all seats are equipped mini LCD screen as the latest in aircraft cabins.

Bus seats with LCD display

LCD screens they are even more sophisticated than most bona fide airline. In addition to playing games or watching television programs and movies, passengers can bring their own movie collection. Simply plug the USB card us, the film could've been played. Sophisticated is not it? For certain classes, there is also a bus that is equipped with internet and wi-fi. Unbelievable!

In addition to drivers, intercity buses in Turkey has always had a "flight attendant" which in Turkish called yardimci. Do not imagine this yardimci looks like bus conductors in Indonesia. They are always dressed super dapper like stewardesses and stewards. Buses are the most ugly ones, yardimci his always wearing a tie.

 In Turkey, there is a tradition that is very unique and is not found when we boarded the bus in other countries. Every few hours, yardimci will pour lemon cologne into the palm of the hand of all the passengers. Cologne is pretty good fruity mengurasi nausea. Apply to neck and face, guaranteed to make us fresh.

Drinks and snacks are always served during the trip. Types of drinks that can be selected are usually tea, coffee, soft drinks and juice. To prepare food and drinks, yardimci have a small pantry which is located in the center of the bus. During the trip, yardimci usually standy by in her pantry. So if we want to have a drink, it's just go pantry.

Passenger seat also features a folding table just like on an airplane. So we do not need to rush to put cups or food containers. Some bus companies also provide other pluses, such as complimentary newspapers and magazines. Competition between firms in Turkey are very strict, so they feel compelled to provide the best service for the passengers.

In Turkey, not just convenient bus service, bus terminal condition is also very good. The bus station in Istanbul was mediocre, but terminals in other cities such as modern airports. Look for example at the Konya bus terminal and Izmir. Airports in Indonesia defeated instantly!

The only thing that pissed of bus service in Turkey is their website. Very few bus companies that have a website in English. However, it can actually be solved by using the Google Chrome browser that features a translator.

New Zealand: Emerald Pacific Seductive

Adventure to the island nation New Zealand is easy because of its natural beauty spread in every corner of the country. From the north end of the island to the small islands in the south, from Wellington to Nelson, stretching blue mountains and oceans and green trees.

Trips can be made from the north, the type of water in the lake Taupo, the largest lake in New Zealand. In summer and winter, the reliable anglers from around the world hunting trout in there. In the west lake, there Pureora Forest Park. There are endangered species, such as the shy kaka (parrot bush) and blue mold. In addition to air travel, we can hike and mountain biking in summer and skiing in winter.

lake Taupo
The beauty of Lake Taupo background icy mountains and pine forests
Waitomo Caves
Waitomo Caves open to the flickering light produced from living glowworm cave ceiling

Now, let's shift to the Te Urewera National Park in the northern island. Because of its remote, jungle Te Urewera was very genuine and accommodating rare and unique wildlife. Here, a variety of hobby related to the outdoors can be channeled, such as kayaking, fishing, or hunting. Enjoy hiking adventure on the track around Lake Waikaremoana. For enthusiasts of Nature, you can stay at the campground or cottages near the lake. For matters of convenience, no need to worry because Bed and Breakfast Hotels in Te Urewera National Park could be the right choice.

Still on the northern island, explore the Waitomo Caves. Here we can see the beautiful sheen of light from the surface of the walls and roof of the cave. The light was emitted by thousands of worms or glowworm caves. In addition, you can try the big balls cave abseiling or rock caves.

Once satisfied explore the northern islands, while trying to Hanmer hot springs in the south. Hot water from the Southern Alps is a temperature 33-42 degrees Celsius, perfect temperature to cool down and relax. In addition to hot tubs, you can also cycling, fishing, golfing, skiing, snow boarding, jet boat tested, to riding. For matters of grooming, there Hanmer Spring Spa for relaxation.

Hanmer springs, thermal baths

In the southern island, there are more national parks. New Zealand has 14 national parks and mostly in the southern island. For example, Abel Tasman National Park, Nelson Lakes, Paparoa, and Aoraki. Here, we can go swimming, fishing, jungle treks, biking, snorkeling, or just sunbathe.

People in New Zealand like the variety of entertainment. Thus, in certain seasons always held a variety of festivals. In the winter, the Winter Olympics were held featuring the sport of skiing or ice-skating. Then in the fall, there are a variety of events, such as festivals culinary, art, balloons, kites, and even bicycles.

Before returning to their homeland, the typical souvenir shop sempatkanlah New Zealand. Feel the freshness of kiwi fruit native who became an icon of the country. Fruit originally from China is very easily found anywhere else. Besides kiwi, New Zealand also has a lot of unique trinkets, such as textiles and handicrafts sheepskin boots, various glass products, gems, jewelry to a variety of pampering your partner's eyes. Assorted gift shop and accessories of which are in the town of Queenstown, Auckland, Wellington or Nelson. State where the filming of The Lord of the Rings will give the impression and unforgettable memories.