New Zealand: Emerald Pacific Seductive

Adventure to the island nation New Zealand is easy because of its natural beauty spread in every corner of the country. From the north end of the island to the small islands in the south, from Wellington to Nelson, stretching blue mountains and oceans and green trees.

Trips can be made from the north, the type of water in the lake Taupo, the largest lake in New Zealand. In summer and winter, the reliable anglers from around the world hunting trout in there. In the west lake, there Pureora Forest Park. There are endangered species, such as the shy kaka (parrot bush) and blue mold. In addition to air travel, we can hike and mountain biking in summer and skiing in winter.

lake Taupo
The beauty of Lake Taupo background icy mountains and pine forests
Waitomo Caves
Waitomo Caves open to the flickering light produced from living glowworm cave ceiling

Now, let's shift to the Te Urewera National Park in the northern island. Because of its remote, jungle Te Urewera was very genuine and accommodating rare and unique wildlife. Here, a variety of hobby related to the outdoors can be channeled, such as kayaking, fishing, or hunting. Enjoy hiking adventure on the track around Lake Waikaremoana. For enthusiasts of Nature, you can stay at the campground or cottages near the lake. For matters of convenience, no need to worry because Bed and Breakfast Hotels in Te Urewera National Park could be the right choice.

Still on the northern island, explore the Waitomo Caves. Here we can see the beautiful sheen of light from the surface of the walls and roof of the cave. The light was emitted by thousands of worms or glowworm caves. In addition, you can try the big balls cave abseiling or rock caves.

Once satisfied explore the northern islands, while trying to Hanmer hot springs in the south. Hot water from the Southern Alps is a temperature 33-42 degrees Celsius, perfect temperature to cool down and relax. In addition to hot tubs, you can also cycling, fishing, golfing, skiing, snow boarding, jet boat tested, to riding. For matters of grooming, there Hanmer Spring Spa for relaxation.

Hanmer springs, thermal baths

In the southern island, there are more national parks. New Zealand has 14 national parks and mostly in the southern island. For example, Abel Tasman National Park, Nelson Lakes, Paparoa, and Aoraki. Here, we can go swimming, fishing, jungle treks, biking, snorkeling, or just sunbathe.

People in New Zealand like the variety of entertainment. Thus, in certain seasons always held a variety of festivals. In the winter, the Winter Olympics were held featuring the sport of skiing or ice-skating. Then in the fall, there are a variety of events, such as festivals culinary, art, balloons, kites, and even bicycles.

Before returning to their homeland, the typical souvenir shop sempatkanlah New Zealand. Feel the freshness of kiwi fruit native who became an icon of the country. Fruit originally from China is very easily found anywhere else. Besides kiwi, New Zealand also has a lot of unique trinkets, such as textiles and handicrafts sheepskin boots, various glass products, gems, jewelry to a variety of pampering your partner's eyes. Assorted gift shop and accessories of which are in the town of Queenstown, Auckland, Wellington or Nelson. State where the filming of The Lord of the Rings will give the impression and unforgettable memories.