Beauty of Sunrise at the summit of Mount Batur

Beauty of Sunrise at the summit of Mount Batur

Enjoy the sunrise or sunrise at the summit of Mount Batur is beautiful. But you must be ready, because the climb should be done early in the morning.

Another objective, so you can reach the summit at dawn so they can enjoy panoramic sunrise (sunrise) from the summit of Mount Batur.

Thanks to a vigorous campaign, is currently climbing has become a mascot tour of Mount Batur. And not only climb to the summit of Mount Batur, lately there are many travelers who do tracking activity in the region. Tracking them to do by circling Lake Batur Batur Caldera.

Accordingly, this activity known as Caldera Batur Tracking. This is the location of the most recent climb, which is much more challenging than the previous location because the location along the climb there are also a number of attractions, such as rock-climbing and Hindus in Trunyan funeral.

Located about 64 kilometers northeast of Denpasar, and in the district of Kintamani, Bangli district. There are several versions of the mountain and caldera, but some sources suggest that Mount Batur from ancient mountain is huge and had several times erupted, then form two caldera. Well, Mount Batur caldera appeared in the middle of it. Mount Batur itself had erupted in 1849, 1888, 1904, 1927, 1963, 1968, 1974 and 1994, the greatest eruption in 1927.

Currently, Batur Caldera became the most popular as an object of the climb. According to the number of entrepreneurs in Toyabungkah, where the start of the climb, once almost all tourists who stay in Toyabungkah make the climb to Mount Batur. Only a few (five per cent) are not climbing. While now, 90 percent of tourists climb Mount Batur Caldera, only five percent who climbed Mount Batur, and the rest do not climb.

Mount Batur has a number of features not possessed many other mountains, including the mountain in their country.

This region has long been known as a place to climb. First, circa 1980's, students and students of nature lovers, often make the climb to the summit of this mountain. At first, the students climbed Mount Batur in the day. That is, they are doing a hobby to find edelweiss flowers as souvenirs. But then, they 'change direction' to climb Mount Batur in the early morning to enjoy the beautiful sunrise.

Once travelers often worry about going to trouble getting a place to stay in the village Toyabungkah. Now, the concern that there is no need. There, dozens of budget hotels available with decent facilities. Room rental fee is pretty cheap, no more than Rp 200 thousand per night with rooms that can be occupied by two people. For those of you who want the atmosphere of a 'natural', just rent a tent from a local hotel. You can set up camp in the area of ​​the hotel, which is providing the location for camping.

Beauty of Ubud Village

Here it is where the famous artist filmed in Hollywood Julia Roberts drama Eat Pray Love. Ubud is one of the "must" visit, at least I say so. Ubud region sandwiched between the two major districts namely Gianyar and Tampaksiring is a beautiful rural area and shade. Diketinggian exquisite mountain landscape is a place where thousands of Balinese artists settled here. So, do not be surprised if other than calm, Ubud is also known as the hometown of Balinese artists.
Because the character of the village of Ubud called "arty" and "shady-quiet" is then made it different from the hustle and bustle of Kuta rah rah with life day and night. Ubud is a village in the real sense.
Tourists who come kemaripun looks different from what we see along the Kuta-Legian. They settled in Ubud, seeking a quiet rural Bali, enjoying the taste of Balinese art galleries in hundreds of art galleries are scattered evenly dipelosok village.

If you really love the tranquility, hear the creak of crickets at night, no air conditioning and a TV room, the sound of frogs berdengkung loud without breaking up all night, or learn to paint and dance, then Ubud is the right place for you.Lodging in Ubud is the type of occupancy combined with the concept of the natural surroundings. Many hotels are non AC and no TV sets, adjacent to the rice fields of Ubud. There was even a bathroom "open space". We could take a bath while gazing open sky over head.
For those who are unfamiliar with this way may lead to concerns spied by naughty eyes from outside the bathroom J. So just imagine, a hot soak in the bath tub, and a scattering of stars above his head at the night sky, while occasionally sipping warm coffee. It's fun.

Ubud also offers the opportunity to see the twinkling fireflies beautiful at night. If you go there with your lover, a time to stop in Tegal Lalang area. At night there will usually be found a bunch of beautiful twinkling firefly firefly in the night dark. Walking hand in hand while watching the fireflies is an unforgettable romantic experience. Japanese tourists including those like the firefly's glow. They specifically came to Ubud also to see the fireflies.
When morning came, Ubud also provides many interesting activities Among the Ayung river rafting or if you go to far Klungkung. There are several rafting operators who provide services here.
UbudHarganya is expensive, but still can bargain if you like. Typically, the hotel clerk concurrently as broker of the packages on offer, and he will get a commission from the manager of tourism services. This is where we can make a bargain price. Do not believe it at brochure prices listed by the nominal dollar or yen.
Another tour around Ubud which can be visited between: Market Ubud, Monkey Forest, Penestanan village (village settlements Balinese painters), the village of Nyuh Yellow (residential sculpture artist), Sayan village, museum Painting Bonet, Blanco museum, Museum Neka, Bedulu (center of the kingdom Pejeng Dynasty), Goa Gajah, Yeh Palu (hermitage from the 14th century), Market Sukawati, village Celuk (Bali silver industry) and many more interesting places to visit.

Travelling in Tulamben, Bali

Tulamben is a village developed into a tourist attraction because it has the potential of diverse marine. Located in the village of Tulamben, Kubu district, Karangasem regency in the north of about ± 25 km from the city Amlapura - the district capital -, 37 km from Candidasa tourism, and approximately 82 km from the city of Denpasar.

Access to the location easily accessible because it is located on the edge of the highway department Amlapura - Singaraja. Tulamben later developed into a tourist area that includes two districts, namely the village of Tulamben in Kubu district; Village Datah, Labasari Village, Village kidnapped, Purwakerti village, sub-district and village Bunutan Abang.

Tulamben main attraction is the natural potential of the exotic underwater for diving and snorkeling activities because of its clear water conditions throughout the year and the current quiet. At a depth of 30 meters below the sea there are skeleton ship "U.S. Liberty", a U.S. merchant ship that sank due to torpedo submarine hit Japan on January 11, 1942 when the voyage across the Lombok Strait. Shipwreck diving in the depths of Liberty is the best reason for divers who come to Tulamben. There are an estimated 400 species of reef fish inhabit the wreck and visited about 100 species of sea fish (pelagic).

This place is also called paradise reef for marine animals full of surprises that arise, such as the type of ribbon eel, mimic octopus, boxer crabs, ghost pipefish, seahorse, leaf fish, garden eel, lion fish, harlequin shrimp, and other unusual types also found here. While a large collection of jack fish which amount to hundreds tail always enliven this shipwreck, and they are very friendly to divers.

Very interesting is not it? Of course the divers who've been here before, will come back again. How about you?

Ubud. Religious Tourism Interest in Bali

Ubud Bali
Ubud, located in Gianyar regency, offers arts and cultural tour for visitors.

Since the booming tourism in Bali, Ubud area had become a center for berkembangan art in Bali crafts ranging from wood carvings, gold and silver handicrafts, paintings and other art. Local cultural life of Bali is still maintained strong here.

Not surprisingly, in the Ubud area much used as a place to learn the art of the main foreign tourists. They live here and the day-to-day filled with learning interaction with local residents.

Mas Village, Ubud region, known as the center of wood carving producing second to none. Almost all the way home and you will see carvings of Balinese art in the form of galleries.

As with the village craftsmen Celuk known as gold and silver, also a favorite place to get souvenirs.

In the route or tour, traveling from Ubud you can continue to visit Kintamani


For accommodation needs, Ubud offers many options that offer "private escape" atmosphere away from the crowd with a beautiful view of the hills. Among Pitamaha resorts, Maya Ubud, Sayan Four Seasons Resort and other international class hotel is a small example.

Kuta And Dreamland Beach

Kuta is located in the southern part of the island of Bali, is one of the forerunner to the development of tourism in Bali. This place was once a fishing village along the development of tourism in Bali and Indonesia and Bali in particular, local residents began renting a private house for rent as a place of lodging.

Now the Kuta has developed into an icon of tourism in Bali or better known as International city because it is a meeting place for travelers from all over the world and also local tourists.

In terms of facilities Kuta has complete facilities. Inns or hotels, restaurants, spas and other tourism supporting too many can be here.

Location Kuta Beach is located in the south of Denpasar, the capital of Bali, Indonesia. Kuta is located in Badung regency. Badung area is one tourist destination abroad. Kuta beach has become a mainstay tourist island of Bali since the early 70's and has been very well known outside the country especially for foreign tourists who like a natural beach.

Many people call this as Kuta Beach sunset beach (sunset beach) as opposed to the Sanur beach. Kuta Beach is famous for its beauty. Here there are many different types of entertainment such as bars and restaurants along the beach to Legian beach.

There are several club is a favorite and often visited many tourists like Rosovivo, Ocean Beach Club, as well as the Kamasutra. Travelers who vacation in Kuta Beach can do water sports as surfing Kuta beach has waves that are good for surfing.

Kuta Beach is a tourist place that many choose to spend during the holidays in Kuta. Beach with white sand was chosen as a place of surf sports and also very suitable for a place to relax while waiting for the beautiful sunset beach of Kuta. Not one of thousands of tourists are always crowded beach.

Other attractions that can be enjoyed in Kuta including Waterbom Bali, Bali Slingshot or also Bungy Jumping.
Want to know the most beautiful beach in Bali than Kuta beach? The answer of course Dreamland beach in the area Pecatu (Uluwatu).

The beach is so beautiful and not crowded Kuta beach visitors. Of course this situation you will be more comfortable and able to enjoy the atmosphere of the famous beach as the surf is.

By traveling less than 30 minutes from Kuta Jimbaran towards Pecatu later, you will get here.

Dreamland beach area is currently being developed as a tourist area of Bali Pecatu Resorts complete with 18-hole golf courses, international schools, international hospitals, shopping malls and other tourist facilities.

Certainly no longer the region will be the exclusive tourist area and managed better.

Religious Tourism Interest in Bali - Kintamani

Kintamani, which is located in Bangli district, is one of the favorite tourist attractions tourist options both domestic and abroad.

Generally, in almost any travel agent or tour operator in Bali, Kintamani included in the itinerary (travel route) after visiting the Moon Stone (Barong Dance), Ubud tourist area as a shopping center or Sukawati.

Kintamani tourism in Bali

Kintamani offers a fresh atmosphere of the hills with temperatures around 18 degrees Celsius, much like air in Bedugul. The main attraction of the region is the view of Mount Kintamani and Lake Batur. Mount Batur is still an active mountain and the second highest after Mount Agung at Besakih. Atmosphere is best when enjoy lunch while enjoying the beauty of the lake and mountain belching smoke friendly.

Bali Kintamani

Interested to know more about Kintamani? Also a time to yourself to visit Trunyan located near the lake. But you have to cross by boat to get there by traveling approximately 20 minutes. What is interesting and unique is the way locals funeral will be different from the prevalence in Bali. Corpse propped against a tree without buried. But the unique smell of corpses was not issued because neutralized by the smell of fragrant wood called incense.

Unique is not it? If interested, why not incorporate alternative Kintamani attractions in your vacation? Happy holidays in Bali.

The Beauty of Lake Toba Peek

Did not complete it if you been to North Sumatera not stopping to Lake Toba, a volcanic lake is the largest lake in Indonesia, and even Southeast Asia. The exotic charm of the sea like a vast expanse of the lake with shady trees and a charming hills. The lake, measuring 1700 square meters with a depth of approximately 450 meters and is located 906 meters above sea level, in the middle of the lake there is Samosir Island are not less interesting to visit tourist attractions.

beautifully of toba lake north sumatera Island

During his visit in 1996, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands even expressed his admiration for the beautiful panorama of the lake. "Sell me a name for this lake. I can not describe how beautiful Lake Toba, "he says enthusiastically.

There are seven counties surrounding the lake, namely Simalungun, Toba Samosir, North Tapanuli, Humbang Hasundutan, Dairi, Karo, and Naidoo who has a wonderful natural panorama and a tourist destination. Tourists generally enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba from Parapat in Simalungun and Tuktuk Siadong on the island.

Lake Toba is expected explosion occurred at around 73 thousand-75 thousand years ago and is a super volcano eruption (super volcano) the most recent. Bill Rose and Craig Chesner of Michigan Technological University estimate that the volcanic materials spewed out of the mountain as much as 2800 km ³, with 800 km ³ of rock overlies and 2,000 km ³ of volcanic ash which is expected in the wind to the west for two weeks.

Volcanic dust in the wind has spread to half the earth, from China to South Africa. The explosion occurred during a week and throw the dust up to 10 km above sea level.

This incident caused mass death and, in some species, also followed extinction. According to some DNA evidence, this eruption also reduced the number of people to about 60% of the total human population of the earth at that time, which is about 60 million people. The eruption also caused the ice age, although experts are still debating.

After the eruption, the caldera formed which was then filled with water and became what is now known as Lake Toba. Upward pressure by magma that has not come out cause the appearance of the island. When enjoying the beauty of this lake, you might not imagine that the charm of the place comes from the catastrophic volcanic eruption that brings fear and horror at the time.

Road trip to Lake Toba, specifically to Parapat, takes four to five hours from Medan. There is a bus or travel directly to Parapat. The route passes Lubuk Pakam, Cliff High, and turn toward Siantar. Along the way, we are treated to a panorama of palm oil and rubber.

If by train, from Medan select a route to Siantar. From here the journey continues by bus to Parapat. Latency time of one hour.

For places to stay and stay longer to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba, there are many hotels and inns. In Parapat, there are at least 900 hotel rooms of various types, ranging from four star to the homestay, on Tuktuk also not different. Both in Parapat and Tuktuk, tourists can instantly enjoy the lake from the rim. Hotel rates in Tuktuk and Parapat vary, according to the typical tourist who comes. Starting from USD 30 thousand to $ 500 thousand per night depending on the type of hotel.

A travel company even offers to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba from the air, which is using the paragliding. Each was given a chance to fly tourists to use paragliding from the mountains Tongging, Tanah Karo, North Sumatra. For tourists who want to try paragliding will be accompanied by an experienced instructor, but of course the determination to fly or not depends on the weather and wind conditions.

Not only that, enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset you can enjoy from the coastal lakes. Of the Karo highlands to the north, the beauty of the lake looks elongated viewed from Sikodonkodon. However, there is only one resort here. On the west side, overlooking the lake and the island of Samosir be perfectly seen from the Tele. There is a substation of view at an altitude of about 1,000 meters from sea level to enjoy the sunset at Lake Toba.

Beautiful panoramic view of Lake Toba, if viewed from the air, very intriguing. Rows of houses and the beautiful landscape of Lake Toba, is like a beautiful painting of the great works of Almighty God.

Recent weeks, a travel company, to promote the beauty of Lake Toba from the air using the paragliding. Every tourist was given the opportunity to use the kite flying from the mountains Tongging, Tanah Karo, North Sumatra.

For tourists who want to try the kite, will be accompanied an experienced instructor. But you also have to be prepared to be disappointed, because paragliding is very dependent on weather and wind conditions.

Before flying, the instructor first to see the wind speed, and then set up an umbrella that is able to fly two people, which was an instructor and a tourist. If you've experienced, you can fly with your partner.
Next, you will freefall from the top of the hill, and then hovering over the lake and landed right on that point has been determined.

The cliffs at Lake Toba recognized the drive is capable of producing strong winds, so that you can hover over Lake Toba between ten to twenty minutes. Woow!