Beauty of Ubud Village

Here it is where the famous artist filmed in Hollywood Julia Roberts drama Eat Pray Love. Ubud is one of the "must" visit, at least I say so. Ubud region sandwiched between the two major districts namely Gianyar and Tampaksiring is a beautiful rural area and shade. Diketinggian exquisite mountain landscape is a place where thousands of Balinese artists settled here. So, do not be surprised if other than calm, Ubud is also known as the hometown of Balinese artists.
Because the character of the village of Ubud called "arty" and "shady-quiet" is then made it different from the hustle and bustle of Kuta rah rah with life day and night. Ubud is a village in the real sense.
Tourists who come kemaripun looks different from what we see along the Kuta-Legian. They settled in Ubud, seeking a quiet rural Bali, enjoying the taste of Balinese art galleries in hundreds of art galleries are scattered evenly dipelosok village.

If you really love the tranquility, hear the creak of crickets at night, no air conditioning and a TV room, the sound of frogs berdengkung loud without breaking up all night, or learn to paint and dance, then Ubud is the right place for you.Lodging in Ubud is the type of occupancy combined with the concept of the natural surroundings. Many hotels are non AC and no TV sets, adjacent to the rice fields of Ubud. There was even a bathroom "open space". We could take a bath while gazing open sky over head.
For those who are unfamiliar with this way may lead to concerns spied by naughty eyes from outside the bathroom J. So just imagine, a hot soak in the bath tub, and a scattering of stars above his head at the night sky, while occasionally sipping warm coffee. It's fun.

Ubud also offers the opportunity to see the twinkling fireflies beautiful at night. If you go there with your lover, a time to stop in Tegal Lalang area. At night there will usually be found a bunch of beautiful twinkling firefly firefly in the night dark. Walking hand in hand while watching the fireflies is an unforgettable romantic experience. Japanese tourists including those like the firefly's glow. They specifically came to Ubud also to see the fireflies.
When morning came, Ubud also provides many interesting activities Among the Ayung river rafting or if you go to far Klungkung. There are several rafting operators who provide services here.
UbudHarganya is expensive, but still can bargain if you like. Typically, the hotel clerk concurrently as broker of the packages on offer, and he will get a commission from the manager of tourism services. This is where we can make a bargain price. Do not believe it at brochure prices listed by the nominal dollar or yen.
Another tour around Ubud which can be visited between: Market Ubud, Monkey Forest, Penestanan village (village settlements Balinese painters), the village of Nyuh Yellow (residential sculpture artist), Sayan village, museum Painting Bonet, Blanco museum, Museum Neka, Bedulu (center of the kingdom Pejeng Dynasty), Goa Gajah, Yeh Palu (hermitage from the 14th century), Market Sukawati, village Celuk (Bali silver industry) and many more interesting places to visit.