Spain Vacation Tips and Ideas

You will find that Murcia is known for the mild weather, common in Spain. You will find that the daytime temperatures are about 40 degrees Celsius, but it is also a great place for you to vacation through out the year. The temperatures in winter never fall below 10 degrees Celsius.

As for the warm, mild weather, this part of Spain happens to be beneficial to the culture. The area is well known for the wineries, many fruit groups, flowers, and even olive oil production. You will notice most of these plantations are around the Segura River because it will allow the crops to be easily irrigated. You will want to go to Spain and to the Murcia region just to get some of the crops freshly produced.

As for the climate, the summer is very dry and hot, while the winter is mild and wet. There happens to be very little rain when it comes to the summer months, however, fall and winter are well known for many storms and heavy downpours. Keep in mind that this area sees the sun at least 300 days per year. There are very few times where rain will effect your travel plans.

As for the summertime, you will notice that this is the best time to travel to Spain. It is the best time to see the sights without having to think about rain clouds. As for rain, it averages about .22 inches in August. This is very little rain compared to what you might get the States.

As for the springtime you will notice that this is the most wonderful time to go because everything is in bloom and the weather is hot and sunny, but not uncomfortable. You will notice that the average monthly rainfall for the spring is about .35 inches, but it can get up to almost an inch in rain. Again, that's not that much. There are places in the world that get 12 inches of rain a month, but Spain is a beautiful place that is dry and sunny for at least 300 days of the year.

As for the autumn and wintertime, the weather in murcia is not as hot, but it's also still very nice. Of course, it will begin to cool, but the temperatures rarely drop below freezing and it very rarely snows. These seasons are still acceptable for vacation. As for those who do not like to be in the hot sun constantly, you will find that the weather is perfect for you in the fall and winter.

Murcia is a great place to go on vacation. You can have the ultimate vacation by sunbathing in the warm, hot sun, or you can take in some of the local culture.