Planning Your Honeymoon Beach in Bali

Planning Your Honeymoon Beach in Bali

When planning your honeymoon beach, a destination that is romantic and tropical may be tops on your list. many romantic place to finish honeymoon. one of them is Bali. You have to Bali ? as a small archipelago, Bali have coastal tourism object which is interesting to be, added with social and unique society culture. Some places which you could probably visit in Bali are :

Sanur Beach

Many people says, if you go to Bali and have never stopped and visit in sanur beach, meaning you do not know bali. why that way ? Because sanur beach is romantic place to finish honeymoon beach, like a beautiful beach, make sanur have separate fascination to all tourist, either from local and foreign tourist.

Kuta beach

Kuta Beach is a tourism place which located in side Denpasar south, Bali town mother, Indonesia. Kuta located in Sub-Province Badung. This Area represent a target of foreign to perform a honeymoon beach, and have come to Island Bali pledge tourism object since early seventy. Kuta beach often is also conceived of by beach sunset as against from Sanur beach

Nusa dua beach

Nusa Two in Bali represent place most exclusive. Coast wise this, visitor can witness 2 view at the same time very beautiful. One side represent offshore view and line go out to sea very beautiful, one other side of luxury hotel view which stand up in line alongside coast. This to facilitate all coastal visitor to take around the beach.

And more places on Bali can be nice and beautiful destinations to apply Honeymoon Beach. By the way, honeymoon beach is great theme to perform honeymoon vacations. Although many theme have to look and observe.