Bus rides around Turkey

Honestly, I do not like traveling by bus, especially for long trips. After 1-2 hours on the bus, stomach feels like shuffle-beat, nausea and want to vomit. I also have trouble sleeping the night bus journey. Not to mention should hold stiff in the ass having to sit for long. Anyway very miserable!

However, due to considerations of time efficiency and practicality, while backpacking to Turkey some time ago I was "forced" to use the bus. After doing some research here and there, I learned that traveling by train in Turkey takes a longer time. Already then, many interesting attractions in Turkey like Cappadocia and Selcuk, could not be reached directly by train from Istanbul.

I think, rather than having to mutually vehicles, better take the bus. For me is very inconvenient time for example for the Cappadocia must train first to Ankara, and then continued to ride the bus a few hours. After that, it does not mean a trip is completed. We still have to take a dolmus (minibus or public transportation) to get to the location. OMG, hassle at all!

Take a taxi almost never exist in my travel plans. Feeling awkward only if you ride the vehicle, because I was carrying a backpack. I was also more frequent backpacking alone, so the cost should be borne taxi. I think the cab is also less secure, because we're alone in the car. If the driver is not a good guy, we are not able to do anything right? Unlike the metro or bus ride, the passenger is not just our own. If there's anything we could easily ask for help.

Although not too fond of intercity bus ride, a long trip by bus in Turkey is not as bad as I thought. A lot of things that made me fascinated with bus services in Turkey. The most noticeably is the comfort of the room bus. Amenities are not lost with the aircraft cabin, even more comfortable because the seat is wider than economy class seats on the plane.

I've laughed at a sales clerk in Turkey bus tickets because ticket request sleeper bus. Also ridiculous in retrospect, where there is a bus that has a bed, As if the train? Although there is no bus equipped beds, very roomy distance between seats that can recline up to 90 degrees. And that makes wow ...., all seats are equipped mini LCD screen as the latest in aircraft cabins.

Bus seats with LCD display

LCD screens they are even more sophisticated than most bona fide airline. In addition to playing games or watching television programs and movies, passengers can bring their own movie collection. Simply plug the USB card us, the film could've been played. Sophisticated is not it? For certain classes, there is also a bus that is equipped with internet and wi-fi. Unbelievable!

In addition to drivers, intercity buses in Turkey has always had a "flight attendant" which in Turkish called yardimci. Do not imagine this yardimci looks like bus conductors in Indonesia. They are always dressed super dapper like stewardesses and stewards. Buses are the most ugly ones, yardimci his always wearing a tie.

 In Turkey, there is a tradition that is very unique and is not found when we boarded the bus in other countries. Every few hours, yardimci will pour lemon cologne into the palm of the hand of all the passengers. Cologne is pretty good fruity mengurasi nausea. Apply to neck and face, guaranteed to make us fresh.

Drinks and snacks are always served during the trip. Types of drinks that can be selected are usually tea, coffee, soft drinks and juice. To prepare food and drinks, yardimci have a small pantry which is located in the center of the bus. During the trip, yardimci usually standy by in her pantry. So if we want to have a drink, it's just go pantry.

Passenger seat also features a folding table just like on an airplane. So we do not need to rush to put cups or food containers. Some bus companies also provide other pluses, such as complimentary newspapers and magazines. Competition between firms in Turkey are very strict, so they feel compelled to provide the best service for the passengers.

In Turkey, not just convenient bus service, bus terminal condition is also very good. The bus station in Istanbul was mediocre, but terminals in other cities such as modern airports. Look for example at the Konya bus terminal and Izmir. Airports in Indonesia defeated instantly!

The only thing that pissed of bus service in Turkey is their website. Very few bus companies that have a website in English. However, it can actually be solved by using the Google Chrome browser that features a translator.