Plan a Vacation in Hawaii

It will be nearly as much fun as taking the actual vacation in Hawaii to review all the things there are to do on the islands. There are more than just the Big Island of Hawaii; there are also Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lahai and Maui. Each offers their own special attractions for your pleasure.

When you visit the island of Kauai you will have the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, better known as Waimea Canyon. Here you will see panoramic views of the more than 3000 feet deep canyon. You will see crested buttes, ragged crags, and deep valley gorges. Your camera will never stop clicking at all the beauty surrounding you.

Visit the North Shore of Kauai and see the beautiful sights from the top of the towering cliffs with their greenery and flowing waterfalls tumbling to the valleys below. Stand on the cliffs and get a view of the Pacific Ocean and the endless waves rolling in to the shore.

Plan a Vacation in Hawaii
Leaving Kauai and going to Oahu you can visit Waikiki Beach and enjoy the wonders of surfing. Here you can take lessons or experience the big waves for those that are experienced surfers. King Kamehaheha lived on the island at one time.

If you are interested in aquariums you will definitely want to visit the Waikiki Aquarium in Oahu. It is located on the shoreline of Waikiki Beach right next to a living reef and across from Kapiolani Park. This aquarium is the 3rd oldest in the United States with more than 500 marine species and 3,000 marine specimens for you to learn about and enjoy.

Honululu offers the visitors a wide range of things to do and see from the historic buildings to the beautiful capitol building. You will see stunning monuments and stunning artwork by local and international artists.

Tour Iolani Palace and see the private living quarters of King Kalakaua and his successor, Queen Liliuokalani. You will see where they held lavish entertainments and did the diplomatic business of the kingdom. Hear bout the Queen being imprisoned in an upstairs bedroom after the overthrow of the monarchy.

Visit the Windward Coast and see the Koolau Mountains and the breathtaking views offered from here. Stop in at Sea Life Park and visit the dolphins and penguins that are housed here.

You have probably read about it in the history books, or you remember it from when it actually happened but here in Central Oahu you can visit the USS Arizona and see the memorials that are a tribute to the brave men and women that were killed in the bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese at the start of the US involvement in WWII. If you want to relax after that experience you may want to sample the fresh pineapple that is grown in the lush valley in the area.

When you are taking the time to visit Molokai on your Hawaii vacation you will be in the world where there is nothing taller than a coconut tree. The tallest point on the island is the church steeple.

Lanai isn't your typical hustle and bustle island; it's a small town environment with relaxing opportunities of snorkeling, swimming or whale and dolphin watching. A nice break from the hurrying around you will do on the other islands.

Maui has not only beaches but mountain crests to see too. There is Haleakala where you can stand and almost see the "end of the earth." Take a drive on the crooked road to Hana and visit the Seven Sacred Pools.

Famous for the active Kilauea volcano, this island will afford you the opportunity to experience everything from snow capped mountains to black sand beaches. It has the largest restored ancient Hawaiian religious temple as well as entertainment for everyone to enjoy